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[OPENING TITLES] 2013 - 2014:
a trilogy of moving image exhibitions presented in unconventional locales, curated by John Zhao + Matt Jay. 
featured contributors: Barry Jenkins, Casey Neistat, Randy Walker, Shawn Hasto, Rosario Pellerito, Eriko Sonoda,
Devan Mulvaney, Hannah Ford, Emily Westerlund, Sam Kuhn, Rose Dickson, Uri Shapira

TRANS [20th Anniversary Screening] 
at age 12, this film came on television at 2:00 in the morning and changed my expectations of what a film could be.
i am grateful to have been allowed to guest-program it @ The Metrograph NYC hosting a Q&A with director Julian Goldberger, cast + crew.

LOST ISSUE TWO - Papaya Skies 
a travel journal created by Nelson Ng (Shanghai, China) LOST MAGAZINE 


single channel video/10 mins. digital/on loop in briefcase, parachute, wood panel
New Work New York - Portland, OR - 2016